Trusting your Driver

8:35 AM. 20th of May 2017. It was a strong force that rocked our world, literally. Trusting that it will stop before the impact, but it did not. There was a loud sound, I felt my forehead bumped in a balloon-like thing, my eyes saw white for a split second, and it smelled smoke. Immediately I thought, the car might burn. After that split second, I looked for the lock and hurried to get out very quick, bare-footed, I did not care.

A car accident, an experience I never thought I would be into. Hoping that everyone was fine, until I saw blood from my friend’s forehead. Surprisingly, I found my phone in my hand and immediately searched for the NLEX hotline number. Good thing mobile data was working well. With shaking hands, I searched and dialed the emergency hotline, but it cannot be reached – both numbers! Then I reached 911 and another number to report on the accident. Few minutes after the call, I can see the same situation. 2 wrecked cars, the building traffic, people taking us videos or pictures (for God’s sake!!), my friend getting pale and dizzy with blood around her, and everyone, helpless as we wait, on that expressway. “Emergency! My friend needs a medic!”, I screamed inside. There must be a hospital nearby as the crash happened just before San Fernando exit. The other car traveling with us (our group travelled with 2 cars) transported our wounded friend and 2 others with minor cuts and bruises to the nearest hospital. Fifteen minutes after the crash, I finally heard a siren signaling aid from traffic police. And a few minutes after, another siren from the emergency response team.

The wrecked cars were on the safe side of the expressway already. And everyone, as well. This time, I had the chance to check on myself, and found a sore skin in my right elbow. Friction may have caused it as I remember my elbow touches the passenger window minutes before the crash. But I was okay, physically, thanks to adrenaline! Another friend of mine and I were transported to the hospital, along with the wounded passenger of the other wrecked vehicle, via the ambulance that responded to us. The rest remained as investigation took place.

Adrenaline rush took over me, minutes after the crash. When we finally settled in the emergency room, I felt my wound already and the muscle pain, maybe due to whiplash. I was waiting for my emotions to settle in but no tears came out of my eyes that day. I was okay and just thankful that everyone was conscious and results of our x-rays were normal. It should have been a Bolinao getaway. But I know our guardian angels protected us from worse situation. It should have been a memorable weekend but not like that.

A day after the crash, I travelled already, with my family, south bound this time. That’s when the emotions started pouring out. It triggered when we were caught in a traffic jam and checked out Waze and saw 2 minor accidents along SLEX. I thought I was okay already, but a few minutes after checking out Waze, I started feeling anxious, dizzy, and felt a bit of chest pain. Then I started crying like a child while holding my dad’s hand. It was a crazy feeling, I tell you! I had anxiety attacks and headaches for a week but was relieved when my CT scan results were normal. Thank God! Crazy, crazy weekend!

It will change you. It will leave a scar on you, a fear perhaps. But you cannot just let fear consume you. You have a God, bigger than all your fears and anxieties. Surrender them to the Lord, and let Him calm your heart. It may not be that easy, but little by little, everything will be back to normal again. We just need to trust the main driver of our lives, God.

Much love,


*Late publish. Wrote this post few days after the incident.

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