Fresh start.

Ever had that feeling of uneasiness, wanting to always press the refresh button so you can start all over again? Yep, I felt that… in blogging. So I’ve been keeping few blogs since 2008. These were basically personal blogs where I use as my breather or some place where I can rant my feelings out. My first blog started as an online journal when I was still in high school. The twist? Only I can view and read my posts. Then I had another blog but this time, it wasn’t private anymore where I posted my essays back in high school. And another one when I entered college. And another one for (supposedly) travel blog purposes. F O U R blogs, not meant to be shared (well, for the first 3 blogs) because FIRST I do not want to and SECOND it was not well-maintained.

Well, lo and behold! Welcome to my FIFTH blog!!! Defining Daisy will basically put into words Daisy’s world. Why the pink ribbon? Because, hello!!! They’re to die for! (Haha) But seriously, the color pink¹ represents compassion, nurturing, hope and love. And ribbons are often associated with awareness. Thus, this blog envisions to give its readers the hope and good vibes everyone wants. 🙂

Never did I felt this natural and free until I started exercising my fingers and writing a blog post, whatever topic it may be. Maybe, just maybe, this blog can create a change in whatever way it can to you, my readers. I guess it’s time to share my thoughts as I define who Daisy is to the world.

Much love,





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